Forest Cottage “Cselotepuszta” in the forest
Kosd – Danube curve – Hungary

Come and explore the Hungarian nature in the vicinity of Budapest by staying in our small cottage in the middle of the forest!The house is completely free of all accomplishments of modern ages such as running water or electricity. However, you can show off in front of your friends by chopping the firewood, pumping the water from the garden dwell or by managing the old petrol lamps. Inside the house there are four bedrooms with 20 new stumpwood beds, a kitchen equipped with plates, cups and cutlery. In case you prefer to cook inside there is also a gas oven.

The nearest village (app. 1 km) is called Kosd, where you can explore the local pub or do the necessary shopping. The area is closed to the Danube curve, which is due to its wonderful scinery and the historical castle of Visegrád is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Hungary. The cottage is an ideal place to stay for those who would like to track in the forest. You can also plan for mounten biking, or taking a ride on the narrow gauge which runs in the forest.

The house is maintained by a non-profit organisation for nature conservation, therefore the prices are relatively low (4-6 Euro/person/night). Our house-keeper lives in Kosd and can assist in case of any problems.

Please have a look at the pictures at the Hungarian version of our homepage in the Galery by clicking on “a kulcsosház” (house): http://picasaweb.google.com/cselotepuszta

If you click here, you can see timtetable for booking information (the red color indicates when the house is allready reserved): http://taborhely.hu/foglalas/

Would you be interested, please send an e-mail to the following address: cselotepuszta@gmail.com

Phone: +36-20-438-6894